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We realize that you, like many of our clients, rely on the Internet for your banking and financial needs. Following are some of the ways we ensure the online security of your personal and account information.

Secure Transmissions and Encryption. When you use the Internet to conduct transactions or communicate with us, it’s critical that your information is handled securely. We use an encryption protocol called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect your personal information. SSL converts sensitive data like passwords into secure code and then sends them over a secure connection. Only Atlantic Coast Bank has the secret key that can decrypt your confidential information. You can tell your data is being protected when you see a URL that begins with “https” (as opposed to “http”).

Also, when you use the secure contact forms and email in online banking, your data is transmitted securely.

Firewalls. Atlantic Coast Bank computer networks are protected by firewalls. Firewalls prevent any unauthorized access to our computers and are one of the key safeguards that protect your information. Every message that enters or leaves the ACB network passes through the firewall. The firewall blocks any message that does not meet our strict criteria.

Virus Protection. We use the latest virus software programs on our systems to help us keep our computer networks virus-free. By using these programs, we ensure that you can communicate and transact with us in a safe and secure manner.

Email Policy

Atlantic Coast Bank Client Commitment. We will never send unsolicited emails asking clients to provide, update or verify personal or account information, such as passwords, Social Security numbers, credit or Check Card numbers, or other confidential information.
At Atlantic Coast Bank, we have strict privacy policies in place. Atlantic Coast Bank will not trade, rent or sell your personal information, including e-mail addresses, to anyone.  We will not provide account or personal information to other companies for the purpose of independent telemarketing or direct mail marketing for non-financial products or services. Click here for more information on our Privacy Policy.

Third-Party Links. Atlantic Coast Bank may provide you with access to information, products or services offered on nonaffiliated Web sites through the use of hyperlinks. By clicking on these links, you are directed from our Web site to a third-party site. Atlantic Coast cannot guarantee how third-party Web sites collect information about you. Atlantic Coast makes no representations or warranties regarding non-Atlantic Coast sites or the companies maintaining them. If you choose to access non-Atlantic Coast Web sites through links on our Web pages, we encourage you to review the privacy and security polices on those sites before you provide them with any personal or financial information.

Security Features

Whether you bank online or offline, our products and services have many built-in features that help protect your accounts and identity. From online security questions to Visa® Zero Liability, we have a number of safeguards in place to help protect your confidential information.

Online Banking Security Features. At Atlantic Coast Bank, convenience and security go hand in hand. Following are some of our online banking security features:

Automatic Sign Off. For your security, NETeller online banking automatically ends your online banking session if there is no activity on your computer for 10 minutes. By automatically signing you out, the chances of unauthorized access to your accounts are minimized.

Unique User IDs and Passwords. Before you sign on to online banking, you need to enter a valid and unique Customer Identification (User ID) and Password. We recommend that your User ID and password use a combination of letters and numbers so that it’s difficult to guess.

Security Questions. When you sign up for online banking, we ask you to create security questions as part of your account profile. These security questions add an extra level of security to help prevent unauthorized access to your accounts.

Online Statements. Online banking allows you to access up to 18 months of your statements online. Online statements give you the power to closely monitor your accounts and quickly stop suspicious activities. You can also choose to stop having paper statements delivered to you. By receiving your statements online, you reduce the chances of someone stealing your statements from your mailbox.

Online BILLpayer. Online Banking offers a free service called BILLpayer that allows you to pay your bills securely and conveniently online. By paying your bills electronically, your personal and account information is securely transmitted and you decrease the chances of someone stealing your payments from your mailbox.

Visa® Zero Liability. Visa® Zero Liability is a feature we provide on all our credit and Check cards. This feature protects you from unauthorized transactions. No matter where you shop, you’ll never pay for transactions that you didn’t authorize.  Please visit for the full details of this feature.

Verified by Visa®. Verified by Visa® is a free service that protects your Atlantic Coast Personal or Business Visa® Check Card from unauthorized use when you shop online. You must register online at for this feature.  ACB cannot enroll for you.  By registering for this service, you will receive a unique password that offers an extra level of security. You will be able to use this password at checkout on many shopping Web sites.

You can also request your credit report from Experian at 888.397.3742 or or TransUnion 800.680.7289 or

Security Policies and Processes

We use strict policies at Atlantic Coast Bank to protect your security. Following are some of the stringent processes we enforce to help protect your personal and account information:

Protocols and Permissions. We realize that you expect high levels of customer service and security. That’s why only an extremely limited number of Atlantic Coast employees are given access to your information. Our strict protocols state that only employees who have prior permission, proper training, and the necessary credentials have the ability to see your finances and serve you.

Office and Branch Security. We have many offices to conveniently serve you. Each of these locations uses industry-standard security methods to protect our computers from unauthorized access. Our facilities are equipped with alarms and monitoring systems to restrict who has access to our facilities.

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