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At Atlantic Coast Bank we understand how important convenience is in your everyday lifestyle. That is why we ensure hassle-free account accessibility.

Throughout Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia, we provide 11 full service branches with 24-hour ATMs. Many branch locations also provide ease of access with drive-thru teller windows. Additionally, FREE ATMs are offered at over 900 Publix Presto! locations.

Click your state’s name to find a branch location and Atlantic Coast ATM near you:


 Click below to find your closest Publix Presto! ATM:         

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Traveling out of the area? No worries, with a High Tide Rewards or High Tide Rewards with Sunrise Savings account ATM fees are refunded to you automatically, up to $25 per cycle.
Click Here to learn more about High Tide Rewards
Click Here to learn more about High Tide Rewards + Sunrise Savings